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May 22, 2010

Have you ever watched CSPAN? I’ve tried a few times. It’s not fun. I watch it for maybe five or ten minutes and then turn on Comedy Central. I just don’t have the kind of patience needed to watch long and boring speeches about something nobody cares about.

That brings me to my point. Some people want term limits, but I think that the best way to get Congress under control is to create a new law that mandates that each congressman must use the rules of Twitter when they speak (140 characters or less, hashtags, trending topics, etc.). Arguments will be fast paced, issues that no one cares about will be settled quickly, it’ll be fun to watch on CSPAN, and it’ll keep the old people from droning on too much. Issues will be voted on by “#Yay” or #”Nay” and votes will be tallied according to which hashtag has more hits in the Congressional Twitter Database (CTD). Tweets will be public, so whenever anyone makes an argument their tweet is immediately posted on Twitter (for complete transparency in Government). So let’s start the process on the Congressional Twitter Bill. I think it has the potential to benefit everyone involved.

Oh, and follow me on Twitter for updates. @nconservatarian

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