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Important Happy Everybody Draw Muhhammad Day Update

May 20, 2010

Facebook has officially removed the “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day” group as of about 15 minutes ago. If you’re less lazy than me go ahead and send them an email (not that it will do anything but make you feel like you stood up for something you believed was right). Once again, just like Comedy Central, I can understand that certain interpretations of this day could make Facebook look bad, and therefore due to the fact that we’re in a capitalist society I can understand that they probably don’t want to endanger the Facebook name for something that isn’t worth the argument. I’m actually surprised it took them this long to delete the group. Whatever. The movement was started. Facebook may have chickened out, but they helped the organization of the group at least and that’s something. Stand up for your freedom of speech, though, and keep drawing. We don’t need Facebook anymore.

I also had an idea a little bit ago, a stroke of brilliance if you will, that will just be a secret between me and whoever is reading this. Ok, the new official Neoconservatarian depiction of Muhhammad is the censored image of Muhhammad shown below. They all threatened to jihad because South Park said that Muhhammad was inside of a bear suit; our little secret is that Muhhammad is actually represented by the black box that says “Censored”. The censored box is his actual physical representation, not what’s under the censored box.

UPDATE (12:00 PM, 5/22/10)

Via the (restored) Facebook page.

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day! Back.This page was removed two days ago, after one of our moderators had his email and skypehacked. His personal data was revealed. He then got scared and deleted the…page, the blog and the emails. The rest of us, are now back without him afterhe backed out. This is another scare tactic from the Islamic extremists. We won’t fall. Pictures you were unable to post on the 20th? Check the forums for interviews

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