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Blumenthal’s Other “Misspeaks”

May 18, 2010

Recently, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal decided to say in a speech that “We have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam”. One problem – he never served  in Vietnam. He didn’t stop there, though; here’s some other things that he went on to say that didn’t make the news.

“I believe that since my time in the Revolutionary War George Washington has taught me a few things.”

“My job as a attorney General has shown me that the Soviet Union is stronger than ever.”

“Since my service in the War of the Roses we have learned that the best way to keep the illegal Bangladeshis from taking American jobs is to pass the Arizona immigration bill.”

“I think that my extensive military career qualifies me to say that I think Obama will keep America safe.”

Honestly though, I get why people are upset. It’s not that I don’t see the issue, I just don’t think that it’s such a big deal. I know I didn’t serve in Vietnam and there’s probably stuff about it that I don’t understand, but more than likely the guy just misspoke. Whatever. I’m all for crucifying the guy because he’s a liberal regardless and just using this as a convenient excuse, but honestly I don’t really care. I see this more as something to make fun of the guy for than something for people to get angry about.

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